What is Temperature Control?

Temperature Control: What is it and Why Should You Give a Nickel?

So, what is it?

Temperature control is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of adjusting the wattage or voltage of your mod, you’re actually changing the temperature it heats the coil to. So instead of setting your mod to 70w you can set it to 150 degrees. It allows you to safely control how hot your coil gets, eliminating burnt wicks, burnt e-liquid, and dry hits!

That sounds cool, how does it work?

Mods using this technology do not sense the actual temperature of the coil but instead rely on the change in resistance as the coil is heated. When a specific resistance change is determined, the device will adjust, restrict, or cut-off the power to the coil.

Many temperature controlled devices will only work with Ni-200 Nickel Coil or TI Pure Titanium wire. This is used because Nickel and Titanium are more “sensitive” to temperature change. The resistance increase as the coil heats up is more consistent when compared to other wires, allowing the mod to control the temperature more accurately.

What does temp control do for me?

Temp control offers you a safer, more efficient and convenient way to vape. You have complete control over how hot your coils and liquid get. It’s a huge step forward in the safety of vaping.

Sick of accidentally burning your wicks? Shudder at the thought of dry hitting your atty? Want to improve the flavour of your madmix, the quality of your vape, and extend the life of your coils?

Then temp control is exactly what you’re looking for.

Wow! I’m in. What temp control gear do you have?

VapingMad stocks a whole bunch of quality temperature control mods! We’ve got something for every vaper. Our goal is to provide vapers with the best quality gear around. Most modern vaping mods come with temp control modes. Check out our range of mods and see what’s right for you!