Vaping at least 95% Safer- Public Health England

In an absolutely gobsmackingly awesome move, Public Health England had come out and said that,

“the best estimate so far”, e-cigarettes are about 95% less harmful than tobacco cigarettes and could one day be dispensed as a licensed medicine in an alternative to anti-smoking products such as patches.

This is a huge win for vaping. A big government body like this acknowledging what we’ve all known for years.

Also of note:

The review found that almost all of the 2.6 million adults in the UK now thought to be using e-cigarettes are current or former conventional smokers, most using them to help them quit tobacco or to prevent them going back to smoking.

There was no suggestion that the products were a gateway into tobacco smoking, with less than 1% of adults or young people who had never smoked becoming regular cigarette users.

There is some concern, though.
The smokers group Forest questioned whether prescribing e-cigarettes on the NHS would be a justifiable use of taxpayers’ money. Simon Clark, its director, said that promoting them:

“as a state-approved smoking cessation aid ignores the fact that many people enjoy vaping in its own right and use e-cigs as a recreational not a medicinal product.”

He added:

“If they want more smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, public health campaigners should embrace consumer choice and oppose unnecessary restrictions on the sale, marketing and promotion of this potentially game-changing product.”

Let’s hope that this wakes up the Australian government as well as the rest of the world.
You can read the full article here at the Guardian.

Live long, and Vape On!