The MadMixtress Top Shelf Blends!

VapingMad is proud to introduce The MadMixtress Top Shelf Blends.




Apple Back                   Gone Troppo                 Malt Tease             Mojito Kiss





Cussing Tart           Granny’s Grumble        Mellow Pirate       Rainbow Serpent




Feisty Fruit                   Lime Spider             Mint Splodge            Steeping Beauty





The Toucan                   Vanilla Latte                  Verry Vanana                Wake N Vape


We’ve taken our most complex concoctions and given them a touch of something special.

All flavours in the MadMixtress Top Shelf Blends are the same ones you’ve grown to love, but now bottled in cobalt glass and available in all new sizes:


  • 30ml

  • 50ml

  • 100ml


Each bottle is carefully labelled and comes with a dropper cap.

The new fancy bottles not only look great, but they stop those pesky ultraviolet rays from degrading your e-liquid, guaranteeing a longer shelf life.

Bonus point? You can wash and reuse the cobalt glass bottles again for storing your favourite MadMix e-liquid.


Take a walk on the classier side of things with the MadMixtress and her Top Shelf Blends, you’d be mad not to try them.

                                                                        MadMixtress Top Shelf Blends

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