All MadMixes are made to order so you’ll receive your bottles as fresh as they can get!
Where possible, we use Natural or Organic flavours to replicate a more authentic taste for your vaping pleasure. These natural and organic flavours are created using a blend of PG, Ethyl Alcohol and VG bases.

Our MadMixes are currently available in the following ratios –
MAX VG (more vapour)
MAX PG (sweeter flavour)
VPG (even mix of flavour and vapour)

And the following flavour strengths –
EzyMix Double Flavour, 0mg (for mixing)
Single Flavour, 0mg (ready to vape)
No VapingMad MadMix contains Diacetyl, tobacco products or Nicotine.

During July 2017, the MadMixtress will be away from the juice production lab!
Our MadMix offerings will be limited during this period and will return to normal in August 2017.