So you’ve received your MadMix flavours but you’re not quite sure whether you should vape them straight away? No problem! We’ve outlined some optimal steep times to get the most of your MadMixes.

‘Optimal Steep Time’ refers to the amount of time needed for your MadMix to reach the early stages of maturity. All MadMixes are different so some will reach maturity faster than others and vice versa. Generally speaking, the more complex a juice, the longer it needs to rest or ‘steep’. This is so all the ingredients can blend harmoniously together without interruption from outside factors. All ‘Optimal Steep Times’ are based on a complete final mix. If you have chosen SINGLE flavour, the optimal steep time is from the date on the MadMix bottle. If you have chosen DOUBLE flavour, the optimal steep time is from the date you add your PG/VG base to your MadMix. The Optimal Steep Times are a guide NOT a rule. There are many factors to consider when letting your MadMixes steep such as: the weather, your storage area or whether you leave the bottle cap on or off. These environmental factors can all speed up or hinder the steeping process. The Optimal Steep Times listed in your MadMix flavour description will ensure you have a thoroughly mixed vape. However, if you choose to treat your MadMixes like a fine wine and leave them for weeks, you will be rewarded with an even deeper, smoother vape. Age is exceptionally kind to our MadMixes. But really, we can’t blame you if you don’t want to wait weeks, days or even hours so just vape them whenever you want! They still taste awesome straight out of the bottle!