Each 1ml of HEMPLIQ contains a measured amount of CBD so you can choose the level according to your needs!




HEMPLIQ Green Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Green series contains 10mg of CBD. This low dose is suitable for everyday use to promote health and wellbeing.

HEMPLIQ Blue Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Blue series contains 20mg of CBD. This low-moderate dose is suitable for alleviating mild pain and daily stresses.

HEMPLIQ Gold Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Gold series contains 40mg of CBD. This moderate-high dose is suitable for reducing pain and anxiety.

HEMPLIQ products are derived from USA grown, specially bred Industrial Hemp plants with a high CBD content. The hemp used is grown organically, and CO2 extracted.

HEMPLIQ products are 100% THC free and WILL NOT get you high. They are legal for use in Australia and New Zealand when used topically (skin care, cosmetic).

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