Each 1ml of HEMPLIQ contains a measured amount of hemp extract so you can choose the level according to your needs!




HEMPLIQ Green Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Green series contains 10mg of hemp extract. This low dose is suitable for everyday use to promote health and wellbeing.

HEMPLIQ Blue Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Blue series contains 20mg of hemp extract. This low-moderate dose is suitable for alleviating mild pain and daily stresses.

HEMPLIQ Gold Series

  • 1ml from the HEMPLIQ Gold series contains 40mg of hemp extract. This moderate-high dose is suitable for reducing pain and anxiety.


HEMPLIQ products are derived from USA grown, specially bred Industrial Hemp plants. The hemp used is grown organically, and CO2 extracted.

HEMPLIQ extracts are 100% THC free.

No HEMPLIQ extract contains Nicotine.

In accordance with Australian law this product is not intended to treat, cure or provide medical advice for any specific ailment.

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