What vaping device is right for you? What’s the difference?

Jumping into vaping can seem like an overwhelming task, there are so many devices to choose from and unfamiliar terms.

We’ve created this little guide to help you understand what all these devices are so you can make the right choice when you purchase a vape setup.


Let’s break down what the terms Pod, Mod, Pen, and Box mean!


Pods: Are super simple vape devices consisting of a battery and a pod cartridge

Mods: Are more advanced devices with internal or external batteries

Pens: “Vape pens” or pen vapes, refer to the form factor of a vape device. They kind of look like a permanent marker pen! 

Boxes: Another term that refers to the form factor of a vape device. They’re usually little square/rectangle box shaped vapes.


Pod Devices:

Lost Vape Lyra Pod


Pod vapes are compact, simple to use and set up vapes. They’re designed to be super user friendly and easy to maintain with no mess or fuss replaceable pod cartridges. They all feature an internal battery that is charged via USB.


There are lots of different types of pod vapes:

  • Draw activated or Automatic devices that activate when you take a puff without you having to press a button
  • Button activated devices that require you to press a firing button to activate the device
  • Pods with replaceable pod cartridges, so you don’t have to deal with changing coils
  • Pods with replaceable coils, so you don’t have to throw out the entire pod cartridge


These devices are great for new vapers who want something super easy to start with, they’re also awesome for more experienced vapers who want something compact or a handy backup device.

Most pod vapes are designed for mouth-to-lung styles of vaping, which is the draw most smokers use, making them a perfect jumping off point for new vapers.


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Aegis X Mod

Vape mods are devices that are a little more complex than pod vapes.

These are devices that basically power your vape tank or atomizer.

They have either an internal battery or require external rechargeable batteries that are sold separately.

External battery mods can be single or multiple battery devices, depending on your power or battery life requirements.


Vape Mods come in three general varieties:


  • Regulated: Theses are mods that have computer chips in them that let you control the power and other settings. They generally have a screen to display all your vape info and a bunch of built in safety features.

  • Semi-regulated: Devices that have simple electronics in them usually with a switch or dial to let you pick a power/operation setting, and allows them to put out a constant voltage. This type of device requires knowledge of battery and coil building safety.

  • Mechanical: Is in essence a metal tube or box, that completes a circuit and delivers the power in the battery to the atomizer. This type of mod requires you to know about battery and coil building safety as there are no built in protections.

Vape mods are awesome for people who want longer battery life, more power options, and want to tailor the vape experience. If you’re looking to buy a new vape more, check out our awesome selection in our shop.


Each type of vaping device in our store has been tested and used by staff at VapingMad. We only stock devices that pass our rigorous usage tests, so you know you’re getting a quality vape setup when you buy from us.


Now that you understand the types of vapes that may be suitable for you, check out our eliquid quick start page complete with e-juice calculator. 


Need some more help figuring out what vape device is best for you? Contact us! We’re always happy to help with whatever vape related questions you might have.