Aussie Doctor Lobbying for Fully Legalized Vaping

In an absolutely amazing series of events, an Aussie doctor is standing up for vapers in Australia.

Taken from The Australian:

Attila Danko, an emergency department doctor from Ballarat, has established the New Nicotine Alliance Australia, modelled on the similarly titled British lobby group, in a bid to counter a “misinformation campaign” about the risks of e-cigarettes.

The group has latched on to landmark research released last week by Public Health England, an independent arm of Britain’s Department of Health, which found e-cigarettes — battery-powered vaporisers that stimulate smoking, but without tobacco combustion — were about 95 per cent less harmful than cigarettes.

It also found most of the country’s 2.6 million e-cigarette users were ex-smokers trying to give up, with no evidence that young people were being drawn into the habit — a commonly cited fear.

“This compelling report confirms the weight of reliable scientific evidence that e-cigarettes save lives,” Dr Danko said.

With all the states having different legislative ways of saying, “No,” to vaping in Australia, it’s high time someone too a step in this direction.

Dr Danko really hits the nail on the head with this

The 47-year-old has a prescription and imports from overseas but said it was ­absurd a person required a prescription for e-cigarettes yet could buy significantly more harmful tobacco over the retail counter: “It sends a strong message that the government would rather you smoke cigarettes.”

The article ends with the news we had a week and a half ago out of the UK and their stance on vaping:

In Britain, stop-smoking ser­vices are being urged to consider recommending e-cigarettes as a tool for smokers attempting to quit, but Cancer Council Aus­tralia and the National Heart Foundation have publicly cautioned against the promotion of e-cigarettes, noting that the health effects were still unknown.

Here is hoping that this is a step towards completely clear and universal legalized vaping in Australia!

Original article:

The Australian

3 thoughts on “Aussie Doctor Lobbying for Fully Legalized Vaping

  1. blvd237 says:

    I am so glad to have found this site ( and blog)! I live in WA and have been trying to find a reputable AND Australian website so I can obtain some e-Cigs!
    I already have Emphysema and desperately need help. Ive tried EVERYTHING legal on the market to try and stop so vaping is my last resort!
    Its awesome to read so many testimonies/ comments from people who have successfully used vaping!:)
    I hope and pray that I too will be able to finally quit this damned addictive habit that is literally killing me, even if it ‘just’ buys me some extra years I will be SO happy!
    Thanks to everyone who gives a positive comment re vaping, it’s just so encouraging!:)
    Vape on EX-smokers! Lol

  2. dave1 says:

    Good. I’ve just moved over to Perth from the UK. And found this site googling for the laws. Holy shit balls, at least WA’s laws aren’t as staggeringly retarded as Queensland and NSW.

    It does explain why the border people were a bit weird with me and my several bottles of nicotine.

  3. farmerdean says:

    My own experience is extremely positive to how my health improved dramatically in a matter of two months after switching to vaping from smoking tobacco, my wife 23 years old still smokes and every morning coughs and I never cough anymore and can now enjoy free diving again because I have my full lung capacity back, other people I know share the exact experience, that’s what I offer to anyone who is thinking of switching over, I have been vaping for over a year now and enjoy the old tradition of puffing away but the healthy way now

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