You must be someone who is new to Vaping. Read this page, and you will understand them much better.

Are e-cigs safe?

We’re glad you asked about that!

Ecigs are a relatively new product, but there has been a lot of research done on them.

Let’s talk about the devices themselves first.

Most ecigs are made up of a simple battery device (see our battery safety post for more details on battery types and proper handling and care), and an atomizer of some kind.

Atomizers across the board are basically an attachment with a coil and wicking material inside it.Here is a  picture to help you understand.


A battery- powers the electronic cigarette. Connects to the atomiser.

A heating source – called an atomiser*. Heats your MadMix liquid. Connects to the battery.

A cartridge  – holds your MadMix liquid. Connects to the atomiser.

A mouthpiece – Called a drip tip. Connects to the cartridge, atomiser, or cartomizer.


Lets talk about eliquid and nicotine.

Nicotine Laws in Australia.

It is completely legal to consume Nicotine in Australia. It is completely legal to buy Liquid Nicotine from an overseas website (overseas company) for yourself. It is not legal to buy for the purpose of selling in Australia. Therefore, it is not legal to sell in Australia. We do not sell liquid nicotine.


Nicotine is not the nasty substance in cigarettes that kills you. Nicotine is about as addictive as caffeine and has about the similar effects on the human body as caffeine.

Nicotine and PG (propylene glycol) inhalation has been studied before. There are no carcinogenic effects, no adverse affects to the heart or lungs.

* You can also get an atomiser and a cartridge in 1 piece. This is called a clearomiser.

Is a Starter Kit enough to get started?

Yes. The Starter Kit contains everything but your liquid. Learn about liquid below. You can play with the bits and pieces of Vaping later.

Where do I get the liquid?

You can buy MadMixes from VapingMad. They do not contain Nicotine. If you want Nicotine in your vapour, mix the liquid you bought from us with the Nicotine liquid you bought from overseas.

Are Electronic cigarettes safe? How is the Vaping Liquid created?

Our eliquid (MadMixes) is made up of 3 main ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

  • Food safe natural and organic flavourings.

VapingMad uses natural or organic ingredients because they taste better than artificial stuff.

Everything in our eliquid is of the highest quality. All of flavourings meet European, Australian and US food standards.

So you make the choice. Are ecigs safe? 3 safe to consume ingredients in e-cigarettes vs the 40000+ toxic substances in traditional cigarettes. It’s your call.
For more information about Vaping and e-cigs checkout our “What is Vaping?” article.

MadMix sizes?

10ml, childproof bottles

30ml, childproof bottles

100ml, cobalt glass dropper bottles.

MadMix strengths?

Double: Obviously, double flavour strength. Select this option when you are mixing with Nicotine.

Standard: This means standard flavour strength. If you are not mixing with Nicotine, this is the option you would select.

MadMix variations and how to purchase?

This is how we mix everything together for you to buy. Choose your option when shopping.

80% PG – Your MadMix will be sweeter but produce less vapour.

80% VG – Your MadMix will be less sweet but produce more vapour

50% PG / 50% VG – Your MadMix will be an even balance of sweetness and vapour.

So why have different options if 50/50 is good?

You cant buy 50% PG / 50% VG unflavoured Nicotine liquid. It is easier to achieve a final result of 50% PG / 50% VG if you buy the appropriate nicotine base (PG or VG). For example, we buy 80% PG flavours and mix it with VG unflavoured nicotine liquid. This gives an approximate end result of 50% PG / 50% VG flavoured nicotine.

Vaping liquid is about preference. It won’t take you long to decide what you like the most. Vaping is so cheap, you can buy and try what you like. Remember, the average total cost is only $3/day.

Our suggestion: Buy 50% PG / 50% VG MadMix to start.

More and more people are turning to Vaping. So, how to get started? It is easy, buy a starter kit here.